With a rose-colored filter
I abandoned reality
Into a world off-kilter
From the center of gravity

Spinning like a disco ball
Catching comets in my hand
I hold on tight, for if I fall
Who knows where I may land

Photography credit: Allef Vinicius

© Lisa Marshall Poetry HRM NS 2022

6 responses to “Destiny”

  1. I lived in BC for 17 years and all my kids were born there – now scattered from St John’s to Vancouver Island. I was raised in the Bahamas, retired back here.
    If you’re thinking of publishing in magazines, for poems that are emotionally engaging without necessarily being technically perfect, I suggest trying Snakeskin, Anti-Heroin Chic, Ink Drinkers Poetry (the theme for this month’s submissions is Dreams). Read an issue or two, check the submission rules, send them something!

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