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Category: Uncategorized

  • Black Olive: A Novel

    Now available on Amazon! Pick up your copy today. Unsuspecting Criminology major, Honor Mosely leads the usual university lifestyle of cramming for mid-terms and crushing on school boys, but she couldn’t be any more opposite from her sophisticated roommate, Liv Pierce. Liv, who only dates high caliber, rich men, mysteriously disappears, leaving Honor to pick […]


  • Burlesque

    Go-go boots tap table tops When the air is thick and the crowd is hot This is quite the spotPenny for your thoughts? Let’s go somewhere we can talk Over there they’re lining up shots Modern dancers in disguise on the grift Like Wall Street hustlers closin’ in the pit Envious lovers gettin’ in a rift […]

  • No Return Address

    I live on the top floor of this enterpriseIt’s closer to God in a tall high riseBut the basement leaks and it’s full of snakesSo I’m hitting route 66 right out of this place Gonna grab the keys to your truckFind the clutch and grind up some dustLeave this one horse town for the Vegas stripLady […]

  • BLACK OLIVE – Book 1 Chapter 1

    Free teaser – Available soon on Amazon and KDP Criminology major, Honor Mosely raced down the sidewalk of Robie Street, backpack bouncing and strawberry-blonde curls flying behind her through the static-filled air.  She dodged between the passing university students at the end of the school day in a rush to get home safe and dry.  The […]

  • Bro Code Cracked

    That old line again, “Just give a guy a chance”But do you know the meaning of romance?Playing games all day with your video fansEgo strokes don’t make for the best laid plans I thought I found one a bit more matureFigured he was more focused on the futureBut he was just looking for a nurse […]

  • Tattoo Me

    Skin deep, black ink  Take my heart and paint it pink Cock the gun, don’t runMake me a masterpiece Take a shot in the dark Strip me down, make your mark Draw the line, fill it inForgive me father, I have sinned Draw me a black heart As black as can be Make it last forever  Bring me back […]

  • Angel Dealing

    Eyes in the sky, ears in the ceilingEveryone’s a hustler, wheelin’ n dealin’Forgot your name today, got my mind reelin’There’s somethin’ in the air tonight, I’m feelin’ Could it be love or is it regret?That look in your eyes, I can’t forgetBand playin’ in my head, four-piece quartetRoad map in my brain, please won’t you […]

  • A Bird’s Eye View

    To the lark, waking before dawn is normal, for she has been asleep for so long that everything around her looks new in these days of old — everything except normalcy that is.  Little birdie has flown high and low — to the tops of the trees, down to the sea shore below. She is unflustered […]