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Tag: Novel

  • Black Olive: A Novel – Now Available on AMAZON!

    Pick up your copy today!

  • Black Olive: A Novel

    Now available on Amazon! Pick up your copy today. Unsuspecting Criminology major, Honor Mosely leads the usual university lifestyle of cramming for mid-terms and crushing on school boys, but she couldn’t be any more opposite from her sophisticated roommate, Liv Pierce. Liv, who only dates high caliber, rich men, mysteriously disappears, leaving Honor to pick […]


  • BLACK OLIVE – Book 1 Chapter 1

    Free teaser – Available soon on Amazon and KDP Criminology major, Honor Mosely raced down the sidewalk of Robie Street, backpack bouncing and strawberry-blonde curls flying behind her through the static-filled air.  She dodged between the passing university students at the end of the school day in a rush to get home safe and dry.  The […]

  • INDIGO EYES – Book 2 Teaser

    Violet loves people watching and she’s good at it, too.  She can watch people right in her mind’s eye. It’s not difficult for her. She doesn’t subscribe to the old clich√©, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  She judges and perceives all the same and is seldom wrong about men.  Her indigo eyes have […]