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Tag: Poet

  • A Message in a Bottle

    Go to your happy placePut on a happy faceTomorrow is a new dayEverything will be okay Photo by: Antonios Ntoumas from Pixabay

  • Ghost Lover

    He smells of pine The genuine kind His rough hands Understand The fleeing Center of my being His deepest possessionThe object of obsessionWhere hunger feeds A primal need To see God A lovely facade Photo from pasttofuture on Upsplash

  • Sahara

    There’s nowhere hotterThan this barren wastelandThere’s not a drop of waterJust a trillion grains of sandI am the desert’s daughterI hold its secrets in my hand

  • The Restless

    Thoughts clutteringMy mind puttering All though the night Watching moths fluttering Under a flickering streetlightThe past haunting  A future so dauntingBeyond my sightMemories tauntingVisions of black and whiteThe sound of my own voiceBecomes lost in the noiseDreams fueled with frightI’m left with no choice‘Til the break of daylight


  • The River

    The river runs deep Like the words you keep Just under your tongue Like songs left unsung The river, it flows With secrets unknown What’s left unseen The tide washes clean

  • Sparks

    I couldn’t resistWhen your lips beckonedI nearly missedBut for a second One taste of blissTo crave anotherA stolen kissTo leave you wonder

  • The Bag Lady

    This old heartIs worn raggedIt’s been ripped apartAnd torn jagged These wise eyesWell past their youthSee beyond the liesTo the bitter truth These weary feetWalked a million milesWandering down streetsLike a lost child These weathered handsHold bags, but no burdensFrom where I standThis I am certain

  • Spanish Fly

    The wine collector Said, “you’re in for a treat” The liquid nectar Tasted sickeningly sweet Lust in a potion I drank in his charm With trust and devotion Fell into his arms To his will, I succumb Mind, body and soul Or become fully numb And be swallowed whole Like a little fly Swimming in my […]

  • Underwater

    Rollin’ on the angry ocean I found myself fearless and free Riding the waves of emotion Letting the tide wash over me I cast my cares in on a whim Without a hope or a prayerNot knowing if I’ll sink or swimAt least I won’t drown in despair

  • The Maiden

    Falling in love Is a slippery slope If the stars above Align in high hopes With a gleam in the eye A faithful belief I let my heart lie In the hands of a thief Temptation he felt For a fickle fling As Winter melts To a fertile Spring He was all wrong This I now […]